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Two Different Cable Sizes

Depending on the installation, any number of combinations of cable may be used.

For example, in a replacement/upgrade installation, the well already has 160 feet of buried #10 cable between the service entrance and the wellhead. A new 3 hp, 230-volt, single-phase motor is being installed to replace a smaller motor. The question is: Since there is already 160 feet of #10 AWG installed, what size cable is required in the well with a 3 hp, 230-volt, single-phase motor setting at 310 feet?

From Tables 11 & 11A, a 3 hp motor can use up to 300 feet of #10 AWG cable.

The application has 160 feet of #10 AWG copper wire installed.

Using the formula below, 160 feet (actual) ÷ 300 feet (max allowable) is equal to 0.533. This means 53.3% (0.533 x 100) of the allowable voltage drop or loss, which is allowed between the service entrance and the motor, occurs in this wire. This leaves us 46.7% (1.00 - 0.533 = 0.467) of some other wire size to use in the remaining 310 feet “down hole” wire run.

The table shows #8 AWG copper wire is good for 470 feet. Using the formula again, 310 feet (used) ÷ 470 feet (allowed) = 0.660; adding this to the 0.533 determined earlier; 0.533 + 0.660 = 1.193. This combination is greater than 1.00, so the voltage drop will not meet US National Electrical Code recommendations.

Tables 11 & 11A show #6 AWG copper wire is good for 750 feet. Using the formula, 310 ÷ 750 = 0.413, and using these numbers, 0.533 + 0.413 = 0.946, we find this is less than 1.00 and will meet the NEC recommended voltage drop.

This works for two, three or more combinations of wire and it does not matter which size wire comes first in the installation.

Example: 3 hp, 230-Volt, Single-Phase Motor