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SubDrive/MonoDrive Troubleshooting (Continued)

SubDrive2W, 75, 100, 150, 300, MonoDrive, and MonoDrive XT

NO WATERNONE- No supply voltage present- If correct voltage is present, replace drive
SOLID GREEN- Pressure sensor circuit- Verify water pressure is below system set point
- Jumper wires together at pressure sensor, if pump starts, replace sensor
- If pump doesn’t start, check sensor connection at printed circuit board (PCB), if loose, repair
- If pump doesn’t start, jumper sensor connection at PCB, if pump starts, replace wire
- If pump doesn’t start with sensor PCB connection jumpered, replace drive
SOLID RED OR SOLID RED AND GREEN- Power surge, bad component- Power system down to clear fault, verify voltage, if repetitive, replace drive
FLASHING RED- Fault detected- Proceed to fault code description and remedy
FLASHING GREEN- Drive and motor are operating
- Loose switch or cable connection
- Gulping water at pump inlet
- Frequency max, amps low, check for closed valve, or stuck check valve
- Frequency max, amps high, check for hole in pipe
- Frequency max, amps erratic, check pump operation, dragging impellers
- This is not a drive problem
- Check all connections
- Disconnect power and allow well to recover for short time, then retry
FLASHING GREEN- Pressure sensor placement and setting
- Pressure gauge placement
- Pressure tank size and pre-charge - Leak in system
- Air entrainment into pump intake (lack of submergence)
- Correct pressure and placement as necessary
- Tank may be too small for system flow
- This is not a drive problem
- Disconnect power and check pressure gauge for pressure drop
- Set deeper in the well or tank; install a flow sleeve with airtight seal around drop pipe and cable
- If fluctuation is only on branches before sensor, flip DIP switch #4 to “on” (07C and newer)
RUN ONFLASHING GREEN- Pressure sensor placement and setting- Check frequency at low flows, pressure setting may be too close to pump max head
WON’T SHUT DOWN- Tank pre-charge pressure
- Impeller damage
- Leaky system
- Sized improperly (pump can’t build enough head)
- Verify precharge at 70% if tank size is larger than minimum, increase precharge (up to 85%)
- Verify that the system will build and hold pressure
RUNS BUT TRIPSFLASHING RED- Check fault code and see corrective action- Proceed to fault code description and remedy on reverse side
LOW PRESSUREFLASHING GREEN- Pressure sensor setting, pump rotation, pump sizing- Adjust pressure sensor, check pump rotation
- Check frequency at max flow, check max pressure
HIGH PRESSUREFLASHING GREEN- Pressure sensor setting
- Shorted sensor wire
- Adjust pressure sensor
- Remove sensor wire at PCB, if drive continues to run, replace drive
- Verify condition of sensor wire and repair or replace if necessary
AUDIBLE NOISEFLASHING GREEN- Fan, hydraulic, plumbing- For excessive fan noise, replace fan
- If fan noise is normal, drive will need to be relocated to a more remote area
- If hydraulic, try raising or lowering depth of pump
- Pressure tank location should be at entrance of water line into house
NO LIGHTSNONE- Ribbon cable detached from LED printed circuit board- Reattach cable - if cable is attached, replace drive
FLASHING GREEN- See interference troubleshooting procedure