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QD Pumptec and Pumptec with 2-lights or no lights

QD Pumptec and the old 2-light version of Pumptec are load sensing devices that monitor the load on submersible pumps/motors. If the load drops below a preset level for a minimum of 4 seconds the QD Pumptec or the Pumptec will shut off the motor.

The QD Pumptec is designed and calibrated expressly for use on Franklin Electric 230 V 3-wire motors (1/3 to 1 hp.) The QD Pumptec must be installed in QD relay boxes.

The Pumptec is designed for use on Franklin Electric 2- and 3-wire motors (1/3 to 1.5 hp) 115 and 230 V. The Pumptec is not designed for jet pumps.

QD Pumptec & Pumptec – Troubleshooting
SymptomChecks or Solution
If the QD Pumptec or Pumptec trips in about 4 seconds with some water delivery.A. Is the voltage less than 90% of nameplate rating?
B. Are the pump and motor correctly matched?
C. Is the QD Pumptec or Pumptec wired correctly? For the Pumptec check the wiring diagram and pay special attention to the positioning of the power lead (230 V or 115 V). Pre-2006 Pumptec used different wiring guidelines.
D. For QD Pumptec is your system 230 V 60 Hz or 220 V 50 Hz?
If the QD Pumptec or Pumptec trips in about 4 seconds with no water delivery.A. The pump may be airlocked. If there ia a check valve on top of the pump, put another section of pipe between the pump and the check valve.
B. The pump may be out of water.
C. Check the valve settings. The pump may be dead-heading.
D. Pump or motor shaft may be broken.
E. Motor overload may be tripped. Check the motor current (amperage).
If the QD Pumptec or Pumptec will not timeout and reset.A. Check switch position on side of circuit board on Pumptec. QD Pumptec check timer position on top/front of unit. Make sure the switch is not between settings.
B. If the reset time switch is set to manual reset (position 0), QD Pumptec and Pumptec will not reset (turn power off for 5 sec. then back on to reset).
If your pump/motor will not run at all.A. Check voltage.
B. Check wiring.
C. Remove the QD Pumptec from the control box. Reconnect wires in box to original state. If motor does not run the problem is not QD Pumptec. Bypass Pumptec by connecting L2 and motor lead with jumper. Motor should run. If not, the problem is not Pumptec.
D. On Pumptec only check that Pumptec is installed between the control switch and the motor.
If your QD Pumptec or Pumptec will not trip when the pump breaks suction.A. Be sure you have a Franklin motor.
B. Check wiring connections. On Pumptec is lead power (230 V or 115 V) connected to correct terminal? Is motor lead connected to correct terminal?
C. Check for ground fault in the motor and excessive friction in the pump.
D. The well may be “gulping” enough water to keep QD Pumptec or Pumptec from tripping. It may be necessary to adjust the QD Pumptec or the Pumptec for these extreme applications. Call the Franklin Electric Service Hotline at 800-348-2420 for information.
E. On Pumptec applications does the control box have a run capacitor? If so, Pumptec will not trip. (Except for Franklin 1.5 hp motors).
If your QD Pumptec or Pumptec chatters when running.A. Check for low voltage.
B. Check for waterlogged tank. Rapid cycling for any reason can cause the QD Pumptec or the Pumptec relay to chatter.
C. On Pumptec make sure the L2 and motor wires are installed correctly. If they are reversed, the unit can chatter.