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Pumptec-Plus and Pumptec with 3-lights

Pumptec-Plus and Pumptec with 3 lights - Troubleshooting After Installation
SymptomPossible CauseSolution
Solid Yellow LightDry WellWait for the automatic restart timer to time out. During the time out period, the well should recover and fill with water.
If the automatic reset timer of the Pumptec-Plus is set to the manual position, push the reset button to reactivate the
unit. If the reset timer is set to manual in the Pumptec, turn off power for 5 seconds to reset the unit.
Blocked IntakeClear or replace pump intake screen.
Blocked Discharge Remove blockage in plumbing.
Check Valve StuckReplace check valve.
Broken ShaftReplace broken parts.
Severe Rapid CyclingMachine gun rapid cycling can cause an underload condition. See flashing red and yellow lights section below.
Worn PumpReplace worn pump parts and recalibrate.
Flashing Yellow LightStalled MotorRepair or replace motor. Pump may be sand or mud locked.
Float SwitchA bobbing float switch can cause two-wire motors to stall. Arrange plumbing to avoid splashing water. Replace float switch.
Ground FaultCheck insulation resistance on motor and control box cable.
Solid Red LightLow Line VoltageThe line voltage is below 207 volts. Pumptec and Pumptec-Plus will try to restart the motor approximately every two
minutes until the line voltage is normal.
Loose ConnectionsCheck for excessive voltage drops in the system electrical connections (i.e. circuit breakers, fuse clips, pressure switch,
and Pumptec-Plus L1 and L2 terminals). Repair connections.
Flashing Red Light High Line VoltageThe line voltage is over 253 volts. Check line voltage. Report high line voltage to the power company.
Flashing Red
Yellow Lights
Rapid Cycle The most common cause for the rapid cycle condition is a waterlogged tank. Check for a ruptured bladder in the water tank. Check
the air volume control or snifter valve for proper operation. Check setting on the pressure switch and examine for defects.
Leaky Well SystemReplace damaged pipes or repair leaks.
Stuck Check Valve Failed valve will not hold pressure. Replace valve.
Float SwitchA bobbing float switch may cause the unit to detect a rapid cycle condition on any motor or an overload condition on 2-wire motors.
To reset a Pumptec, remove power for 5 seconds. To reset a Pumptec-Plus, press and release the reset button. To eliminate float
switch bounce, try to reduce water splash or use a different switch.