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Pumptec-Plus Troubleshooting During Installation

Pumptec-Plus is a pump/motor protection device designed to work on any 230 V single-phase induction motor (PSC, CSCR, CSIR, and split phase) ranging in size from 1/2 to 5 horsepower. Pumptec-Plus uses a micro-computer to continuously monitor motor power and line voltage to provide protection against dry well, water logged tank, high and low voltage and mud or sand clogging.

Pumptec-Plus – Troubleshooting During Installation
SymptomPossible CauseSolution
Unit Appears Dead
(No Lights)
No Power to UnitCheck wiring. Power supply voltage should be applied to L1 and L2 terminals of the Pumptec-Plus. In some installations the pressure switch or other control devices is wired to the input of the Pumptec-Plus. Make sure this switch is closed.
Flashing Yellow LightUnit Needs to Be CalibratedPumptec-Plus is calibrated at the factory so that it will overload on most pump systems when the unit is first installed. This overload condition is a reminder that the Pumptec-Plus unit requires calibration before use. See step 7 of the installation instructions.
MiscalibratedPumptec-Plus should be calibrated on a full recovery well with the maximum water flow. Flow restrictors are not recommended.
Flashing Yellow Light During Calibration2-Wire MotorStep C of the calibration instructions indicate that a flashing green light condition will occur 2 to 3 seconds after taking the SNAPSHOT of the motor load. On some two-wire motors the yellow light will flash instead of the green light. Press and release the reset button. The green should start flashing.
Flashing Red and Yellow LightsPower InterruptionDuring the installation of Pumptec-Plus power may be switched on and off several times. If power is cycled more than four times within a minute Pumptec-Plus will trip on rapid cycle. Press and release the reset button to restart the unit.
Float SwitchA bobbing float switch may cause the unit to detect a rapid cycle condition on any motor or an overload condition on two-wire motors. Try to reduce water splashing or use a different switch.
Flashing Red LightHigh Line VoltageThe line voltage is over 253 volts. Check line voltage. Report high line voltage to the power company.
Unloaded GeneratorIf you are using a generator the line voltage may become too high when the generator unloads. Pumptec-Plus will not allow the motor to turn on again until the line voltage returns to normal. Overvoltage trips will also occur if line frequency drops too far below 60 Hz.
Solid Red LightLow Line VoltageThe line voltage is below 207 volts. Check line voltage.
Loose ConnectionsCheck for loose connections which may cause voltage drops.
Loaded GeneratorIf you are using a generator the line voltage may become too low when the generator loads. Pumptec-Plus will trip on undervoltage if the generator voltage drops below 207 volts for more than 2.5 seconds. Undervoltage trips will also occur if the line frequency rises too far above 60 Hz.