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SubDrive/MonoDrive Fuse/Circuit Breaker Sizing

The Listed fuse/Listed circuit breaker size and maximum allowable wire lengths for connection to the SubDrive/MonoDrive are given in the following tables:

Table 59: Circuit Breaker Sizing and Maximum Input Cable Lengths (in Feet)
Controller ModelListed fuse / Listed Circuit Breaker AmpsNominal Input VoltageAWG Copper Wire Sizes, 167° F (75° C) Insulation Unless Otherwise Noted
SubDrive15 / SubDrive75152087011018528045071088011601465--
SubDrive20 / SubDrive10025208--115180285450555730925--
SubDrive30 / SubDrive15030208--95145235370460605765--
  • Based on a 3% voltage drop
  • Highlighted Numbers denote wire with 194° F (90° C) insulation only

SubDrive/MonoDrive Wire Sizing

Table 59A: Maximum Motor Cable Length (in feet)
Controller ModelFranklin Electric Motor ModelHPAWG Copper Wire Sizes, 140o F (60 oC) Insulation
SubDrive15 / SubDrive75234 514 xxxx1.5 (1.1 kW)4206701060---
SubDrive20 / SubDrive100234 315 xxxx2.0 (1.5 kW)3205108101000-
SubDrive30 / SubDrive150234 316 xxxx3.0 (2.2 kW)240390620990--
SubDrive300234 317 xxxx5.0 (3.7 kW)-230370590920-
SubDrive2W244 505 xxxx1/2 (.37 kW)4006501000---
244 507 xxxx3/4 (.55 kW)3004807601000--
244 508 xxxx1.0 (.75 kW)250400630990--
MonoDrive214 505 xxxx1/2 (.37 kW)4 400 006501020---
214 507 xxxx3/4 (.55 kW)3004807601000--
214 508 xxxx1.0 (.75 kW)250400630990--
MonoDriveXT214 508 xxxx1.0 (0.75kW)250400630990--
224 300 xxxx1.5 (1.1 kW)1903104807701000-
224 301 xxxx2.0 (1.5kW)150250390620970-
  • A 10-foot (3.05 m) section of cable is provided with the SubDrive/MonoDrive to connect the pressure sensor.
  • 1 ft = 0.305 m
  • Maximum allowable wire lengths are measured between the controller and motor.
  • Aluminum wires should not be used with the SubDrive/MonoDrive.
  • All wiring to comply with the National Electrical Code and/or local codes.
  • MonoDrive minimum breaker amps may be lower than AIM manual specifications for the motors listed due to the soft-starting characteristic of the MonoDrive controller.
  • SubDrive minimum breaker amps may appear to exceed AIM manual specifications for the motors listed because SubDrive controllers are supplied from a single-phase service rather than three-phase.Amps (SFA). Motor overtemperature sensing is not provided by the drive.
  • Motor Overload Portection: The drive electronics provide motor overload protection by preventing motor current from exceeding the maximum Service Factor Amps (SFA). Motor overtemperature sensing is not provided by the drive.